Special-purpose machines, assembly production


Test station

Thanks to our extensive experience in mechanical engineering, we offer not only contract machining but also complete assemblies and special-purpose machines. We produce all individual parts according to your plans (construction plans, drawings, bills of materials, etc.), purchase some standard parts (such as ball bearings, gears, gear wheels, engines, etc.), and then carry out the complete assembly of your assembly or special-purpose machine.

Following assembly, we can carry out test runs and functional inspections of the assemblies using specialized adjustment methods.


For example:

During testing, roller cutting machines are checked and readjusted with various different speeds, cooled and uncooled, until the predetermined value is reached.

In addition to manufacturing the part or assembling complete machines, we can also carry out the electrical installation of the assembly or machine in collaboration with competent partner companies.

Furthermore, customers benefit from our experience in assembly production; thanks to our continuous quality control and functional inspections, we recognize potential problems and work with you to find a corresponding solution.


Another of our main areas of expertise is the construction of laboratory, testing, and measurement devices. We have acquired extensive knowledge in this specialist area and will support you in the design and development of your system or equipment with the best knowhow available. During this process, we work on the basis of your requirements and specifications. It is even possible to create a computer visualization before we commence production.