Measurement technology

Messmaschine von Wenzel SF87

3D-CNC-CMM Wenzel SF87

3D-CNC-Coordinate Measuring Machine Wenzel SF87

Software: WM | Quartis
X-Axis: 800 mm
Y-Axis: 700 mm
Z-Axis: 700 mm

Features: swivel head from Renishaw with 7,5° classification, individual generation of measurement protocols

Zoller Voreinstellgerät

Zoller tool presetter

Zoller tool presetter

Software: pilot 3.0
Measuring range X: 600 mm
Measuring range Z: 210 mm
Diameter: 420 mm 

Messmaschine von Brown & Sharp

3D-Measure machine Brown & Sharp

3D-Measure machine Brown & Sharp

X-Axis: 500 mm
Y-Axis: 450 mm
Z-Axis: 500 mm

Measurement protocol can be printed.