For CAD/CAM we use modern, well-known software that is tried-and-tested and highly advanced. Constant software updates ensure maximum efficiency and state-of-the art performance.

For our CAD machines we use the 3D design program “SOLIDWORKS”. This program can create single parts, assemblies and computer simulations. In addition to these features, the program provides diverse interfaces for exchanging data with other CAD systems. These include the data formats -DXF, -Step,- IGES, -SAT, and -STL. 

For our CAM machines we use the software “SOLIDCAM”. This program is fully integrated with “SOLIDWORKS”, allowing us to deliver high-quality results quickly, without unnecessary toing and froing between multiple programs.

Furthermore, this program also controls the full spectrum of cutting, from milling to turning and electrical discharge machining, and supports all multi-axis interpolations, such as 5-axis milling.