CNC turning technology

Stainless steel bushing

Thanks to our highly experienced staff and new, modern machines, we are able to work in the field of turning on a wide range of parts and materials. Piece sizes range from as small as approx. 1 mm in diameter up to a diameter of approx. 700 mm, and we can work on machining lengths of up to approx. 2,000 mm. We work with all materials on the market, such as plastics, stainless steels, alloyed and unalloyed steels, titanium, aluminum, and bronze.

For turning, as elsewhere, we only use CNC-controlled machines, whose size and features are tailored to the corresponding areas of application.


These versatile machining facilities mean we are able to create highly complex and integrated workpieces requiring a combination of milling, welding, and turning technology. We can fully rely on the quality and experience of our team, who strive on a daily basis to meet their targets in terms of quality, efficiency, and punctuality.