Coatings, surface treatments

Over the years, we have found that many of our customers’ parts require surface treatments in order to achieve certain properties (such as rust protection, wear protection, antifrictional properties, appearance enhancement, etc.). We have adapted to meet this requirement and now offer a large variety of surface treatments and finishes. We can carry out most of these services or techniques in our own production facility and can also provide any other desired method through partnerships with specialist companies that we have carefully selected over the years.

We can offer the following methods, among others:


Pressure lever

  • plasma coatings
  • hard coating (hard anodizing)
  • anodizing in various colors
  • electroless nickel plating
  • galvanization
  • Teflon film coatings
  • plasma nitriding
  • browning
  • painting or powder coating
  • glass-bead blasting
  • nitriding
  • chrome plating, chroming
  • demagnetization
  • Nedox
  • ceramic coatings
  • gold coating

Should you require any other method of coating for your components, we will be happy to find a solution.