Serrated punches, hollow punches

We have worked for around 35 years in the manufacture of serrated punches and hollow punches used for punching holes in plastic sheeting. Over this long period of time we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience that serve to benefit our customers of today.

Our customers use serrated punches for a wide range of different applications and in a wide range of shapes and geometries; we have therefore adapted our manufacturing process in accordance with these requirements.

typische Lochkronensammlung

Typical punch crowns collection

If you require a specific punch, we are able to produce it individually according to your specifications (drawings or samples). This allows you a great deal of freedom for versatile production of platic bags, pouches, sheeting, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We have a large number of sample punches that we can make available to you for a test, or we can develop a special-purpose punch to meet the conditions of your specific application.