We are able to offer a range of different coating procedures. Some of these are performed on our premises, and any other desired coating techniques can be delivered in collaboration with carefully selected partner companies. In our own facility we can provide silicone and polyurethane coatings in a wide range of hardnesses and colors.

Thanks to our advanced machinery, we can produce the required molds and casting molds in-house. This enables us to respond to your needs quickly and flexibly.

AndruckhebelPressure lever

The following are typical parts that require coating:

  • deflection shafts and rollers,
  • pressure levers,
  • coated parts for clamping and packing,
  • embossing rollers,
  • brake rollers,
  • etc.

Polyurethan SpiralnutenPart coated with polyurethane and grinded

Silikon Segmentsilicone segment

Typische Werkst├╝cke aus Kunststoff, Aluminium und Edelstahl

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