December 2022 – social commitment

The Trimborn Maschinenbau GmbH supported the local project "Stark für Kinder". This project provides help for families, which need help because of strokes of fate. Specially the help is for the childrens of those families. This society organized a christmas evening for those childrens. Our company handed over a donation just shortly before christmas. We hope that a lot of childrens enjoyed the holidays because of the help of this society.  

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October 2021 – Investments for an ecofriendly production site

The Trimborn Maschinenbau GmbH installed their first electric charging station for electric cars. The usage of the charging station is only permitted for our employees. Furthermore, the whole roof of the production site is packed with a photovoltaic system. Especially in the summer months the company is able to produce the required energy, which is needed for the production machines, on their own. This are the first steps to decrease the CO² emission and to cope with the climate protection goals. More arrangements to satisfy those goals will be implemented if they’re possible.

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August 2021 – Expansion of our milling machinery

Despite all the limitations due to the pandemic the Trimborn Maschinenbau GmbH invested in a new 5-axis milling machine. The DMU 75 MonoBlock from the company DMG MORI AG includes a tool chain with a capacity for 180 tools. Time consuming and expensive set-up times can be shortened in consequence of this big tool chain. An automatic pallet changing system with different pallet sizes is also linked up with the machine. This system can handle parts with a weight up to 300 KG. On grounds of that the Trimborn Maschinenbau GmbH is capable to produce automatized a big amount of different parts.

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March 2021 – News

From now on we can offer you a new coating. We found a trusted partner, who can do gold coating in very good quality. In addition we invested in our CAM software "SolidCAM". We're able now to mill and drill parts with 5-axis simultaneously. This allows us, to produce very complex parts with varying radii and undercuts.


September 2020 – Implementing of the first CNC coordinate measuring machine in the company history

Our modern machinery is now equipped with a 3D-coordinate measuring machine. This machine is from the company Wenzel and the type is a SF87. The company Klostermann installed the machine in August. After a successful training in September, we started to measure our parts with this new CMM. One feature of the machine is a swivel head from Renishaw. The dimensions of the working area are 800 x 700 x 700 mm. From now on we’re able to solve complex measuring tasks with a high process reliability.

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July 2020 – Successful routine surveillance visit for the DIN ISO 9001:2015

After the recertification last year, was the annually routine surveillance visit scheduled for July.

This was succeeded without any critical deviation.

May 2020 – New turn mill machine center with automation

In the middle of the coronavirus crisis our newest machine investment was delivered to our company. This turn & mill machine

center was fabricated by DMG Mori. The CTX Beta 1250 TC is stocked with an automation interface and the corresponding robot.

This robot loads and unloads automatically parts to or from the machine. The maximum part diameter for the robot is from 10 mm

to 180 mm. Through this extension our machinery in the turning area has a higher capacity for future orders, where a higher number

of difficult parts are required. We’re now able to produce those orders even more economical and accurate. The combination of

machine and robot pointing out that our machinery is on the state of the art.

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February 2020 – New turning machine

We have extended our machinery with a turning machine from the company Chevalier. On the basis of this machine we’re able to raise our

capacity in the small-series production section. This is the result of the 8-tool-turret, which is installed on this machine. Furthermore, the

modernity of our machinery stays at a high level. This turning machine was delivered in February 2020 and got directly into operation.   


January 2019 – New machine for the parts labeling area 

Through our newest investement the machinery raised and includes now a new kind of a machine. From now on almost every part can be 

marked with our new Laser marking machine ETL 720 X2. Based on the integrated rotary axis round parts can be marked at the 

circumference with a high precision. 




May 2018 – New ultra-modern 5-Axis milling machining center Hedelius Acura65 with standby magazine and pallet changing system

Through our newest investement the machinery raised and the level of automation also raised. We're now able to house 245 tools in one machine.

On top of that, we've the oppurtunity to process 24 pallets consecutively without a manual interference from one of our employees. We secure

the necessary precision of the pallets with a zero point clamping system. According to this investment the modern company philosophy

"the utmost precision" will be pursued into the future. 




April 2017 – New turning machine

We have extended our machinery with a turning machine from the company ROMI. Through this investment stays our machinery modern

and versatile. This turning machine was delivered in April 2017 and got directly into operation.   


February 2017 – New ultra-modern 5-Axis milling machining center

We`ve increased our capacity through investing in a new 5-Axis milling machine from the company “DMG Mori”.

The DMU 75 Monoblock machining center keeps our machinery on a very high and modern level.

This stands in accordance with company philosophy “the utmost precision”.




November 2016 – New 4-Axis milling machining center

In November we expand and modernized our machinery to manage the increasing order requirement

with a powerful and highly accurate 4-Axis milling machining center from the company “Spinner”.

The VC 1150 machine includes a milling performance of 250 Newton meter. This machine was

delivered and commissioned shortly before Christmas Eve.

 Spinner 1150



August 2016 – General overhaul of one turning machine

In July 2016 we’ve a complete overhaul of our Weiler E35.

This step allows us to produce in the future with the utmost precision as we do at the moment.



July 2016 – Certification according to the newest standard

In July 2016 we’ve implemented and passed the certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 through the company ICG Dusseldorf.

If you want to see the whole certificate, please push onto the emble of the certifcate.

You find this emble on the right side under all the points of our "Services".



May 2016 – New turning machine

We extend our machinery and capacity with a new CNC Pinacho turning machine.

This machine was delivered and commissioned in May 2016.




May 2015 – Extension through a new tool presetter

For an even better and more precision adjustment of our tools,

we’ve invested in a Zoller tool presetter and measure machine.



April 2015 – Extension through a new turn mill machining center

We’ve increased our diversity and production capacity while investing in an ultra-modern turn mill machine center.

The CTX Beta 1250 TC 4A allows us to turn and mill in one setting and has 11-axis.



October 2014 – New milling machine

In October 2014 we’ve expanded our milling sector with buying a new 5-axis milling machine from Hedelius.



October 2013 – New milling machine

We’ve invested in a DMU 60 T a 3-axis machining center from DMG and this machine replaces our old FP5 A also from DMG.

The consequence of this move is that we modernize our machinery.



February 2013 – New grinding machine

Since now we’re able to offer you round grinding.



December 2012 – New milling machine

In one step with our relocation of our manufacturing facility, we’ve invested in a new Matec-30 HV milling machine.

This machine gives us new opportunities and more diversity in the milling sector

because the machine has a swivel head and a working length in the X-axis of 3m.


It’s done!

The last two weeks were exhausting and stressful but we finished successful our relocation of our manufacturing facility. Through this move in a bigger and more modern factory we want to ensure that we’re able to expand our production and storage capacity.

Simultaneously, we’ve invested in a more modern telephone system. This system allows you to reach directly the responsible advisor, who you want to reach, via call-through.

This is our new address:

Trimborn Maschinenbau GmbH

Schneppenheimer Weg 11

53881 Euskirchen

Phone:  02251 - 77393 - 0 (general office)

Fax: 02251 - 77393 - 40



Welcome to the new Trimborn Maschinenbau GmbH website.

This area will be maintained by Trimborn Maschinenbau GmbH.

The new website allows publishing of both textual and graphical materials.

In order to increase our capacity in the milling sector, we have invested in a new five-axis machining center.
The new milling machine will be delivered and commissioned in calendar week 15

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